Simple Answers


“Why did we sell that property for $40,000 less than this other buyer offered?”

“Which is more accurate, the BPO or the appraisal?”

“Is this really the best offer the listing agent received?”

“Why are we just finding out about this other lien at the closing table?

“How did we not know about this other buyer they flipped it to a week later, for more money?”

“Why didn’t we know there were 10 other offers on this house?”

“Where was all the information hiding?”

There is one answer and one answer only to all of these accusations, which are discussed in department meetings and levied at asset managers and real estate agents every single day by frustrated bankers and managers.   And that answer is: Without a system that collects ALL information, you can’t possibly make the best decision.

Of course I’m talking about OfferSubmission and VerifiedShortSale, our online solutions that, for little to no cost to the bank or servicer, makes sure every person involved in the disposition of distressed assets knows every piece of information that exists. Period.

It is so easy to end these accusations, put a stop to the frustrations everyone feels in the space. It is SIMPLE.

All of these questions and more – lead generation, originations possibilities, etc. – can be answered easily and quickly when you use systems like ours. Without the software to level the playing field and inform everyone in the pipeline, you will remain in the dark.

Even night-vision goggles don’t let you see everything lurking in the corners.

Shed the light. Defend yourself and the calls will stop.

It’s the only way.