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  • Where did all the foreclosures go?


    Every day I get a call or email from an agent somwhere in the country wondering why the banks are holding their REO off the market. Apparently they haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on, that the marketplace is finally recovering.  That the banks are smarter than they used to be.  That loss mitigation […]

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  • Matchmaking Originations and REO


    REO has long been the red-headed stepchild of the housing industry, the one nobody pays any attention to and just wants it taken care of quickly and swiftly. It certainly hasn’t been a niche of the industry where housing folks are interested in opening up the conversation about how to improve sales metrics or otherwise […]

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  • The Wisdom of Financing

    Gone are the days of quick refinancing and easy money. If you don’t have perfect credit and a big down payment, you won’t get far in today’s housing climate. There is a supreme lack of financing options available, an about-face from how it used to be. Easy money is a thing of the past for […]

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  • The Psyche of the Homeowner


    At our company, we bring a variety of housing perspectives together for a whole new look at our industry. We have the risk-perspective that crunches numbers and mines data. We have the emotion-driven homebuying perspective. And we have nuts and bolts of what it takes to get houses inhabited. Recovery has to do with economics […]

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  • How Quickly Things Change: A Peek at VerifiedShortSale


    Recently, a bank started using our latest product, VerifiedShortSale, and listed several dozen properties in the pipeline. One particular property had been pre-approved by the bank for short sale, and on the market since March, with no offers and no interest from potential buyers. The bank started using our system at the end of September, […]

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  • Moral Hazard

    Chess Game

    I’m going on the record to say something completely radical and unpopular: I would rather see a strategic default than a reduction in payment. Why? Because you’ve got to prevent irresponsible homeownership and draw hard lines in the sand between behavior that is productive to society and behavior that is not. If one house on […]

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  • What Next Year Looks Like


    Right about now, most economists and business owners start looking into their crystal balls and projecting what the new year will bring and how they might handle it. Let’s take a look. Quantitative easing (QE3) is doing great at driving the stock market, but it has no impact on the economy. There is a separation […]

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  • The New Normal


    Every day, someone says something about recovery. Housing recovery. Economic recovery. Our country recovering. But in reality, everyone’s barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps there is NO recovery. Perhaps this is the new normal. Let’s first look at the argument in favor of recovery. The number of pending home sales is up, sale prices are […]

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  • VerifiedShortSale Named 2012 Release of the Year by Mortgage Technology Magazine


    We’re ecstatic that Mortgage Technology awarded VerifiedShortSale its “Release of the Year” award for 2012 at the recent MBA Conference in Chicago. This award recogzines a new software, platform, alliance or initiative that is expected to have the broadest future impact on the mortgage industry.  It’s reassuring to know that folks in the industry believe […]

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  • Simple Answers


    “Why did we sell that property for $40,000 less than this other buyer offered?” “Which is more accurate, the BPO or the appraisal?” “Is this really the best offer the listing agent received?” “Why are we just finding out about this other lien at the closing table? “How did we not know about this other […]

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