2012 April

  • A Conversation with Jay Hill

    jay hill

    A Conversation with Jay Hill Owner, Hill Mortgage Consulting, Tallahassee, Florida When commercial and high-end residential borrowers find themselves under water and in need of help, they contact Jay Hill.  He and his team scrutinize the fine print of their client’s loan paperwork and find compelling points of negotiation which they take to the bank. […]

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  • Subprime, where are you?


    by Ronald Jasgur Too many Americans should be able to secure a home loan, but they can’t. It’s a troubling and growing problem, one for which we must come up with a viable solution if we are to have any hope of repairing the ailing housing industry. Today, underwriting is more granular than ever and […]

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  • Are you a fraud enabler?


    By Ronald Jasgur Yes, I’m talking to you. I’m talking to everyone who services mortgage loans, really, and I’m asking an important question: are you enabling fraud in your company? According to the Merriam Webster Student Dictionary, definition of enable: to make able; to make possible, practical or easy; to give legal power or permission […]

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  • A Conversation with Don Neill

    Don Neill, loss mitigation manager at Guardian Mortgage, has a long history in the housing industry, working in virtually every position from real estate to lending and back again. Currently, he serves as loss mitigation manager for Guardian Mortgage in Dallas. He spoke with Woodward Asset Capital about the state of the industry today and […]

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  • Single Point of Contact-Not the Best Idea


    By Rodney Carey Quick regulation is rarely great regulation.  This will ultimately prove true for Single Point of Contact (SPOC). The idea of a single individual as liaison for a borrower looking to avoid default is a brilliant core concept if the only problem is to simplify the process of navigating the “waterfall” of options […]

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