2013 January

  • The Wisdom of Financing

    Gone are the days of quick refinancing and easy money. If you don’t have perfect credit and a big down payment, you won’t get far in today’s housing climate. There is a supreme lack of financing options available, an about-face from how it used to be. Easy money is a thing of the past for […]

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  • The Psyche of the Homeowner


    At our company, we bring a variety of housing perspectives together for a whole new look at our industry. We have the risk-perspective that crunches numbers and mines data. We have the emotion-driven homebuying perspective. And we have nuts and bolts of what it takes to get houses inhabited. Recovery has to do with economics […]

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  • How Quickly Things Change: A Peek at VerifiedShortSale


    Recently, a bank started using our latest product, VerifiedShortSale, and listed several dozen properties in the pipeline. One particular property had been pre-approved by the bank for short sale, and on the market since March, with no offers and no interest from potential buyers. The bank started using our system at the end of September, […]

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