2012 July

  • The two biggest short sale challenges and what you can do about them


    It’s good to see short sales eclipsing REO (finally). Especially on the heels of our launch of www.VerifiedShortSale.com. As recently reported by RealtyTrac, 12 states saw more short sales than REO transactions through March, and they expect to report that short sales will outnumber REO sales nationally when they report second-quarter statistics. As we expected, […]

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  • The 95%-ers


    Boy do I understand that old cliché, a few bad apples spoil it for the bunch. I’ve never been able to understand the phrase in terms of the apples because after all, how many of us can actually picture a bushel of apples and see what happens when a couple of them rot? But now […]

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  • A conversation with Lou Spaminato


    A conversation with Lou Spampinato, CEO of Real Value When you’ve been in the real estate industry for nearly three decades, you begin to see patterns and trends. And you get to know what’s wrong – and how to make it right – in an industry you’ve called home for most of your career. That’s […]

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