2012 August

  • Do we need Fannie & Freddie, Both?


    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Two big government agencies guiding the housing industry, begun by Congress with distinct and separate missions. Today, they are so alike, I almost hear their sing-song names in cadence as part of the same refrain. But do we need them both anymore? Does having these two separate agencies serve the […]

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  • REO to Rental: Good or bad?


    I was raised on the idea that owning a home was the quintessential American dream. You grew up, went to college, got a job, built a family, and all along the way you bought first a small house (your first, you were so excited), then a bigger house (your family was growing, you felt on […]

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  • Waking up to a new housing reality


    My partners and I are a little jaded when it comes to strategic defaults. Nowhere in our early careers – or even more than five years ago – could we have imagined the sea change in housing that has happened. To think that people would wake up one morning and simply decide to stop paying […]

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