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You owe it to your shareholders and investors to make sure that every asset you sell is sold for the top dollar.  With our systems, you can back up every decision with real time data and prove that you’ve done exactly that.

Put simply, our easy-to-use technologies generate more offers and more competition which ultimately drives higher sale prices.

In the end, your assets are sold at true market value every time, and often sell for significantly more than your recent appraisal or BPO indicates.

That’s because all kinds of factors determine what a property is worth, and those factors can change on a daily basis.

Appraisals and BPOs focus on estimating a property’s value by comparing it to other properties that have sold recently within the local market.  And therein lays the problem.

Valuation products that you’ve come to rely on are already outdated by the time you receive them.  They are backwards looking and can’t bring the clarity you need to make educated decisions.

Certainly you’ve scratched your head when a property sells for double the appraised value, just as you’ve probably reduced a price several times before ultimately selling a property for an amount less than the only offer you received 6 months ago.

Our systems bring the market activity to your desktop, so you can make better decisions and recover more dollars.