Magnifying glass

Keeping buyers and sellers engaged in the process long enough to get to the closing table is a challenge all by itself.

In today’s digital age, patience is low on the list of anyone’s attributes.  Especially buyers and their agents.

They’ve been suspect of the distressed sales process for so long they actually expect to be disappointed, pushed around and forgotten about.

Don’t take our word for it, though.

Do a simple Google search for “How do I know if my offer was presented to the bank?” and see the millions of apathetic agents and buyers begging for greater transparency and a better understanding of the distressed sales process.

Most of all, they feel disconnected.  They believe they playing field is not level. They believe the listing agent controls your real estate sales (which is true whether you know it or not).

Our software keeps agents and buyers engaged throughout the negotiation process with regular status updates.  And our support staff works diligently to answer questions and keep deals moving forward, 365 days a year.